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Baby Naming

Baby Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are popular with parents who want to welcome a child into their family, as they are the earliest chance to welcome the new family member and share the celebration with the while family and all their friends.

Why a Naming ceremony?

  • Naming days are a perfect way to honour not only different traditions and beliefs, but members of your family and close friends.
  • A naming ceremony can take place anytime from days after birth, to months, or even years.
  • The purpose of the ceremony is for you, as parents, to state your commitment and love to your child, as well as any hopes for the future.
  • During the ceremony you can explain why you chose your child’s name and what it means to you.
  • Other family members and friends can assume important roles in the baby’s life, While not a religious ceremony, if you still want to be a godparent, that is fine. If you want to avoid the religious connotation, you can be a guideparent, supporter or mentor.

Naming ceremonies which I have already conducted are fantastic ways of celebrating. Comments from guests normally include “I wish we had had the option to do this when we had our family, as we would certainly have opted for this.”

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